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Welcome To Tipping Points

Founded by Jan Tipping in 2010, Tipping Points is the dream of 1 woman to help small & medium businesses, change the way they view, utilise and treat their greatest asset, their staff.

With extensive experience in Mergers, Acquisitions, Change Management and Start Up Organisations, Jan has been able to create a company that provides realistic advice and services to commercial businesses.

We help clients to find the balance between what’s fair the employer, what’s fair for the staff and what is necessary to create long lasting results for all involved.

Managing your assets wisely can lead to a more productive, more efficient and more profitable venture.


More About Tipping Points

Our Company Mission

To assist small & medium businesses to get the most out of their human resources, by turning a normal company EXPENSE into a true ASSET.

Our Philosophy

Businesses cannot exist without staff and like it or not, it will be your staff that supports the success of your business in every way.  When the staff are not happy, the business suffers.  But if staff members are given the opportunity for growth, acknowledged for their incredible efforts and offered a workplace that they a proud to be apart of, then your business will thrive.

Our Work Process

With the aid of technology, Jan is able to be a virtual consultant in any business across of Australia.  She is based in South East Queensland, but is able to travel to meet you and your team, where ever that may be.

Our specialization

Greenfield Businesses 40%
NFPO 15%
Hospitality Sector 30%
Other 15%