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Policies & Procedures

Policies and Procedures provide the framework within which an organisation operates.  They define what your organisation does and how you do it.

Clear policies and procedures support effective decision making and delegation because they provide guidelines on what people can and cannot do, what decisions they can make and what activities are appropriate.

A clear policy framework means there will be fewer misunderstandings or debates about what to do in particular situations and there will transparency and consistency in the way you operate as an organisation and make decisions.

Creating, updating and implementing HR policies and procedures is an onerous task to the uninitiated.  If you are finding it difficult to keep up with changes in HR practices and current legislation, you may need a professional review of your HR activities including a review of your HR policies and procedures.

HR policies and procedures ensure compliance with legislation, best practice and company values.  They ensure an organisation is compliant and consistent with the way in which it manages its work force.

They reduce risk and can mitigate costly litigation should anything go wrong.

As HR Consultants, Tipping Points is able to offer you a tailored business solution. Whether it be the need to update your current policies and procedures, or an entire overhaul or implementation of a new suite of HR policies and procedures.

We can work with you to come up with a solution which best suits your needs.

Services & Solutions

An auditing Service that provides you with practical business solutions that saves you time & money.

Includes an assessment of whether your company is currently meeting workplace requirements.

Recruiting the right person for the job can be both time consuming & costly.

We can assist you with recruiting the most suitable person, from the ground level up.

Managing conflicts in the workplace can be damaging & costly to business.

Let us help you to restore a productive organisation as quickly and as pain free as possible.

Clarifying Awards and keeping up with legislative changes, can be a very challenging & frustrating thing.

We can assist you with either one off enquiries or ongoing support, to help you stay compliant and maintain fair working conditions.

Having a great Resume which sets you out from other Candidates, is essential for getting you past the first hurdles of Job Applications.

Let Us create a Professional Resume for you based on our in depth knowledge of Recruitment and what Employers are really looking for.

Before making the right decision about a particular issue, often you need to ensure you have sufficient information.

We can conduct thorough investigations discretely so that you can be assured of making a well informed decision that won’t lead to more problems.

A happy workplace, is a productive workplace!

Let Us help you to understand your employees better, so that you can create an environment that produces results & reduces employee turn over.

The policies and procedures your organisation needs will depend on a number of factors, such as the type of work you do and the size of your organisation.

The following are areas where you need to be aware of your legal obligations and where it is advisable to have formal policies and procedures:

  • Equal opportunities legislation, including recruitment policy
  • Health and safety laws
  • Employment laws including laws on discipline, sickness & carers leave and flexible working arrangements, parental leave,
  • Privacy legislation which ensures that the confidentiality of information about your staff and you business


Smaller organisations, in particular, will have limited resources and you need to be realistic about what you can expect to achieve.

A workplace policy is a set of rules and principles that aims to guide managers and workers in how to behave in the workplace, and you can have them in place for numerous different issues – bullying, harassment, internet use, health and safety and social media are just a few.

Policies and procedures go hand-in-hand to clarify what your organisation wants to do and how to do it. Policies are clear, simple statements of how your organisation intends to conduct its services, actions or business. They provide a set of guiding principles to help with decision making.


Having well developed policies & procedures in place can provide the following benefits to your workplace:

  • They help employees know what is expected of them with respect to standards of behaviour & performance.
  • They set rules & guidelines for decision making in routine situations, so that employees & managers do not need to continually ask senior managers what to do
  • They help you adopt a consistent & clear response across the company to continually refer to situations involving employee interaction.
  • They allow you to demonstrate good faith that employees will be treated fairly & equally
  • They allow you to have an accepted method of dealing with complainst & misunderstandings in place to help avoid favouritism.
  • They set a framework for delegation of decision making
  • They give you a means of communicating information to new employees
  • They offer you protection from breaches of employment legislation, such as equal opportunity laws.

But remember, having workplace policies and procedures are only worth it if you make sure they are properly implemented & monitored.

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