Happy Productive Staff MEANS Happy Profitable Businesses


So you need a new staff member!

Getting the right person for the job is crucial for any business, but do you really have the time & energy to be managing all the necessary steps in finding the most suitable applicant?

Often, the long term costs involved by having principals, directors or even managers take on such time consuming tasks of recruitment, are not worth the distraction from their normal duties, which actually generates revenue for the business.

Before every new recruitment, we believe it is essential for businesses to determine an accurate Employee Profile and Job Description for the role.  This will ensure that you are truly clear on all the criteria by which applicants will be scored upon.

Without this process, matching the right person for the job will become more diffcult, time consuming and costly.

Helping our clients conduct these profiles early on, is something that we pride ourselves on greatly.

From here (whilst keeping costs in mind), Tipping Points can assist you with as much of the recruitment process as you like, reducing your overall downtime & ensuring minimal impact on your profit margin.


Services & Solutions

An auditing Service that provides you with practical business solutions that saves you time & money.

Includes an assessment of whether your company is currently meeting workplace requirements.

Ensure your organisation is compliant and consistent with the way it manages it’s workforce.

We can establish your policies and procedures from scratch or review and report on your existing ones.

Managing conflicts in the workplace can be damaging & costly to business.

Let us help you to restore a productive organisation as quickly and as pain free as possible.

Clarifying Awards and keeping up with legislative changes, can be a very challenging & frustrating thing.

We can assist you with either one off enquiries or ongoing support, to help you stay compliant and maintain fair working conditions.

Having a great Resume which sets you out from other Candidates, is essential for getting you past the first hurdles of Job Applications.

Let Us create a Professional Resume for you based on our in depth knowledge of Recruitment and what Employers are really looking for.

Before making the right decision about a particular issue, often you need to ensure you have sufficient information.

We can conduct thorough investigations discretely so that you can be assured of making a well informed decision that won’t lead to more problems.

A happy workplace, is a productive workplace!

Let Us help you to understand your employees better, so that you can create an environment that produces results & reduces employee turn over.

We can be involved as much or as little as you need.  But ultimately, we can assist you in the entire requirement process from the ground up, including:

  • Taking care of all advertising needs or simply advising you on the best advertising methods to attract your target applicants
  • Managing applications
  • Short listing potential applicants
  • Reference & background checks
  • Briefing employer on potential applicants
  • Arranging interview times
  • Sitting in on interview to provide independent advice & support
  • Induction process
  • and more……..

Whilst outsourcing your Recruitment needs will ultimately save you time & money, it will also ensure your compliance with Fair Work regulations on matters such as:

  • Discrimination
  • Recruiting & Selection practices
  • Record keeping of interviewing policies & procedures
  • Induction processes

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