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Happy Productive Staff MEANS Happy Profitable Businesses

Professional Resumes

With the competition for jobs getting so tough, having a personalised professional resume and cover letter is undoubtedly the most important self marketing tool, when it comes to being a candidate for employment.

This is why getting it right can mean the difference between gaining an interview or not.

Whether you are looking to leave University or TAFE, change careers, change industries or simply aiming to get a new position in your chosen field, Tipping Points may be able to point you in the right direction with your resume requirements.

We’ll have a detailed discussion with you to fully understand your working experience, formal studies and qualifications, competencies and strengths, to ensure that your resume will stand out in the crowd.

We also want to ensure we have a clear picture on who you are as a person, including your personal traits, interests and hobbies, so that your resume truly reflects who you are as an individual, not just your credentials.

Tipping Points has the experience in many different fields, to know how best to present your resume for the different types of jobs and industries you wish to apply for.

Don’t waste you precious time trying to work this stuff out by yourself, we are training in Recruitment so know exactly what your potential employer will be looking for.

Let Tipping Points help you today to get your professional resume & cover letter prepared, so that you can get on with the important stuff – Interview Preparation!

Services & Solutions

An auditing Service that provides you with practical business solutions that saves you time & money.

Includes an assessment of whether your company is currently meeting workplace requirements.

Recruiting the right person for the job can be both time consuming & costly.

We can assist you with recruiting the most suitable person, from the ground level up.

Ensure your organisation is compliant and consistent with the way it manages it’s workforce.

We can establish your policies and procedures from scratch or review and report on your existing ones.

Managing conflicts in the workplace can be damaging & costly to business.

Let us help you to restore a productive organisation as quickly and as pain free as possible.

Clarifying Awards and keeping up with legislative changes, can be a very challenging & frustrating thing.

We can assist you with either one off enquiries or ongoing support, to help you stay compliant and maintain fair working conditions.

Before making the right decision about a particular issue, often you need to ensure you have sufficient information.

We can conduct thorough investigations discretely so that you can be assured of making a well informed decision that won’t lead to more problems.

A happy workplace, is a productive workplace!

Let Us help you to understand your employees better, so that you can create an environment that produces results & reduces employee turn over.

In short, YES!

Employers are not only just looking for someone to fill a vacant position, they are looking for a staff member who will represent their company & hoping be around for the long term.

If your resume is poorly presently, then you can bet that it will probably be thrown to the bottom of the pile or worse, the bin!

Cover letters are crucial for setting the tone of your first impression on a potential employer.  You want to make sure that you include:

  • a warm greeting or salutation
  • why you feel you are qualified
  • why you want this job
  • a closing
  • signature
  • and don’t forget your contact information

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