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Workplace Investigations

Workplace Investigations can be needed from time to time, due to a variety of matters.  The main reasons for investigations are:

  • Alleged employee misconduct
  • An employee complaint
  • Disputes over workplace rights


Often, these circumstances can include incidents of theft, fraud, harassment, bullying, discrimination, health & safety breaches, misuse of company property and the like.

It is extremely important in these situations for the employers to only ever act on provable facts & you must be able to justify your actions.  Relying on suspicions and gossip will only ever bring you more problems than what they are worth.

Unfortunately, unreliable or dishonest witnesses can be a common problem during investigations, so it’s important to ensure that ALL possible witnesses & statements are sourced, otherwise you will need clear objective records about why you chose not to pursue further evidence in this area.

A workplace investigation can be conducted by Tipping Points discretely and without prejudice, so that you can demonstrate a clear & sound basis for your decision, with minimal impact on business operations.


Services & Solutions

An auditing Service that provides you with practical business solutions that saves you time & money.

Includes an assessment of whether your company is currently meeting workplace requirements.

Recruiting the right person for the job can be both time consuming & costly.

We can assist you with recruiting the most suitable person, from the ground level up.

Ensure your organisation is compliant and consistent with the way it manages it’s workforce.

We can establish your policies and procedures from scratch or review and report on your existing ones.

Managing conflicts in the workplace can be damaging & costly to business.

Let us help you to restore a productive organisation as quickly and as pain free as possible.

Clarifying Awards and keeping up with legislative changes, can be a very challenging & frustrating thing.

We can assist you with either one off enquiries or ongoing support, to help you stay compliant and maintain fair working conditions.

Having a great Resume which sets you out from other Candidates, is essential for getting you past the first hurdles of Job Applications.

Let Us create a Professional Resume for you based on our in depth knowledge of Recruitment and what Employers are really looking for.

A happy workplace, is a productive workplace!

Let Us help you to understand your employees better, so that you can create an environment that produces results & reduces employee turn over.

There are two main purposes for an investigation.
  • to determine whether alleged incidents actually occurred
  • to identify any mitigating circumstances of the alleged incidents


Generally, an effective investigation involves:

  • appointment of the investigator
  • discussion on legal obligations
  • collection of evidence
  • interviewing of witnesses and recording statements
  • preparation of witness statements
  • preparation and structure of a formal investigation report
  • presentation of evidence

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